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Registration Requirements

Student must be at least 3 years old.

Enrollment Form must be submitted at first class each year, along with annual $25 non-refundable registration fee (one per family).

To register, please call Denise at 603 332 3541.

Costume Requirements

A costume is required for each dance routine (Combo class has 2).  Estimated cost per costume is $60-$70, payable to Nancy Kelley Breton School of Dance.

Black shorts and preprinted NKB T-Shirts are required for the annual recital.  Cost for T-Shirt is $20.00, due in April.

Shoes are purchased separately.

1/2 payment is due by December 1st.  Payments can be made in advance at each lesson.   Remainder is due mid-January.  Fundraising will be available to help with the cost!


Class Requirements

Hair should be pulled back out of face.

Wear leotards and/or tights.  If you are at least 11 years old you may choose to wear shorts and T-shirt.

White tap shoes and ballet slippers are needed for 3 and 4 year old students; tap shoes and jazz shoes are needed for older students.  Shoes can be purchased at NKB, check with Miss Denise for correct type.

Classes/Combo Classes meet once per week for 40 minutes, and are $8/week.  Refer to the Classes tab for further info.

Private and semi-private (2-4 dancers) lessons are available only for class enrollees, depending on availability.  Semi-private lessons are $15/week per student, and private lessons are $20/week.

Missed lessons must be paid for. This time is reserved for your child and entitles student to receive additional instruction at the next class.

All classes must be paid in full BEFORE Dress Rehearsal in early May.